Zoo Rules and FAQs

Smoking is not permitted on zoo grounds, this included e-cigarettes. 

No pets are not allowed in the zoo.

For the safety of our animals, service animals are NOT permitted in the zoo. This complies with ADA rules. 

Emotional support animals are also not permitted in the zoo.

You are free to breastfeed your child/children anywhere in the zoo! If anyone bothers or harasses you about breastfeeding your child or children please find the nearest staff so they may escort them off zoo grounds. NO mother should be bothered over feeding their child. 

The zoo has four picnic tables located in the parking lot area that you may use. 

Person 15 years or younger must have a parent/guardian with them to tour the zoo. Any person 16 years or older can tour the zoo without a parent/guardian. Admission is required for anyone entering the zoo. 

  • Alcohol 
  • Drugs
  • Balloons
  • Balls
  • Bicycles, mopeds,scooters, segway, tricycle...
  • Firearms, knives, weapons of any kind
  • Frisbee
  • Glass containers and or bottles. **Glass baby bottle and food containers permitted. 
  • Grills
  • noisemakers
  • pets
  • radios
  • remote controlled toys 
  • Rollerblade's
  • shoes with wheels
  • skateboards
  • steering trikes
  • water guns/water balloons
  • laser pointers and flash lights 
  • Stickers or Confetti
  • Any item the zoo deems unsafe.

No the zoo does not offer refunds or rain checks due to weather and or animal availability and/or animal visibility. 

Backpacks, camera bags, diaper bags or pocketbooks can be brought into the zoo.The zoo reserves the right to check the contents.

Students cannot bring backpacks into the zoo on field trips.

Coolers, food, beverage must be approved to enter the zoo. Guest are welcomed to carry a bottled non-alcoholic beverage into the zoo.

Distribution of handouts, leaflets, flyer, information, merchandise, promotional items, printed materials or anything similar requires prior approval of the Luray Zoo Marketing Department.

Protection of The Zoo Animals

Rules must be followed while you are visiting the  Zoo. These rules have been developed for the safety of the zoo animals as well as visitors.  Guest will be asked to leave for breaking any zoo rules or seen causing harm/threat to animals, zoo guest or staff.You will not receive a refund if you are asked to leave the zoo due to breaking any zoo rules. 

The zoo grounds are under monitored recorded video surveillance for the protection of the zoo animals. 

Visitors must be wearing appropriate clothing (this is a family environment)  and shoes at all times. 

No running thru the zoo. Please use inside voices inside and outside.

Children must remain with parents at all time.

No guest shall disturb any animals by any means, including but not limited to attempt to pet, feed, handle or trap, pester, tap, harass.

 No tapping on reptile house exhibits or trying to get any animal to move or strike.

 No visitor shall go over, under, between  or otherwise cross any guard rails ,fence, moat, wall or other safety barrier, or sit, stand, or hold children or any other person or object over such barriers.

 No visitors shall throw or toss any rocks, objects, food or any other article into exhibits.

  No loud music may be played on zoo grounds as it will disturb animals and guest. Please use head phones!

  Receptacles are provided for trash and recycling-approved containers. Theses should be used to minimize pest in the zoo and to ensure safety to both zoo animals as well as local wild animals!

 The Zoo may be closed during normal public visitation hours due to crowding or a park emergency. Visitors should follow instructions provided by Luray Zoo Staff regarding access to the zoo, evacuation of the zoo or “shelter in place”.                                                                                   

Visitors are allowed to bring tripods and are encouraged to take photographs for their personal use and to share their memories with family and friends. Photographers wishing to market and sell their photos of the Zoo animals must contact Luray Zoo beforehand.